A Delicious Two-Year Anniversary

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Today marks two years since I met my boyfriend and partner in crime, Dani, while visiting a friend in Noia, Spain. If you follow my blog then you probably read the article I posted awhile back about that night and how this small town in Galicia became my home, but if not, give it a read. As you’re most likely already aware, today is also Valentine’s Day—I know, what a romantic coincidence! Although we didn’t start dating that very day, our lives have never been the same since. Ironically neither of us ever cared about February 14th before, but now we’re destined to celebrate our anniversary on this date forever. Life is funny.

To celebrate, we decided to go out for lunch at a restaurant in town called Ferrador, a quaint little spot that is great for dates or special occasions. It’s one of the best restaurants in Noia, so of course we had the most delicious meal here today. First, we started with croquetas caseras de langostinos (langoustine croquettes), or what I call “little fried balls of goodness.”


They make these in house, which is really the only way to ever eat croquetas. (Lots of restaurants serve pre-cooked and frozen ones and the difference is undeniable.)

Our second tapa was gambas al ajillo (shrimp fried in olive oil and garlic). This dish is basically the Galician shrimp scampi. They were served to our table still boiling and steaming.


The solomillo ibérico con salsa de queso de Cebreiro that I ordered for my main dish was cooked to perfection. This pork sirloin was juicy with just the right amount of pink in the center, and was accompanied by mushrooms, asparagus, and a rich sauce made from a Galician cheese produced in the province of Lugo.


To top it all off, we finished the meal with a slice of tarta de queso casero con sirope de frambuesas (homemade cheesecake with raspberry syrup) and some cups of café.


It was a perfect rainy afternoon of eating excellent food and reminiscing over the past two years that we’ve had together. Today wasn’t special because it had a fancy title, but because I spent it with someone that I love. Here’s to many more!

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great day too, or at least ate something delicious! Happy travels!

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