Auxiliares de Conversación: Renewing Profex for Another Year


As all of us auxiliares de conversación in Spain know, early January to April is the most exciting time of the year for one main reason: THE APPLICATION PERIOD TO REAPPLY OPENS UP! Of course after a second of using the North American Language and Culture Program’s page-that-shall-not-be-named (Profex), we all know how fast that excitement vanishes. Whether it’s your second, third, or even fourth year (like me) as a language assistant, you may need an annual reminder of how to reapply. Here is your guide to renewing Profex for another year. Good luck in this cutthroat race to get the lowest number of 4,500+ applicants!

FIRST YEAR APPLICANTS: If you stumbled across this article, follow these instructions on how to apply as a first year. Your process will be different from a renewal. Get started on your student visa application as soon as you’re accepted into the program. If you’re already anxious about packing, check out my article and video for tips.

Trip to London with my high school. Who wouldn’t want to apply for this?

Renewing Profex for Another Year

You will need PDF/JPEG copies of:

  • passport
  • carta de motivación (no more than 300 words): In this letter you write in Spanish about why you want to renew and where you want to go.
  • informe del centro (2018-2019) signed and stamped by your current director

The application period opens at midnight Spain time in early January (exact dates are on the Ministry’s website.) To get an idea of how fast spots fill up, around 400 people apply during the first 30 minutes. (I’ve gotten inscrita numbers in the 300’s for two years straight now! *Eye roll*) You have three options when you are renewing: stay in the same school, change schools but stay in the same region, or change autonomous communities (regions) entirely. Second-year applicants are given preference over everyone else, so you will more than likely get anywhere you choose in Spain! Woohoo! Let’s begin.

Here is the Ministry’s Renewal Instructions 2018-2019 (in Spanish).

Step 1: Create Renewal Application

Sign in to Profex and click on the Acceso al trámite button. It will bring you to the main page where you can update any personal information or job experience. This isn’t necessary if all your important details (passport, email, etc.) are still correct. Locate the Auxiliares de Conversación tab and select Presentación solicitudes from the list below.

Now these are two of the most important parts of the whole renewal process. First, from the Convocatoria drop-down, choose the EXTRANJEROS EN ESPAÑA option of the MOST CURRENT YEAR. Be careful not to accidentally apply as a Spaniard abroad.

Second, choose RENOVACIÓN SOLICITUD to renew since this isn’t your first rodeo with Profex.

Step 2: Upload Documents

Like every year, you need PDF or JPG copies of your documents. Upload one of your passport (II.), carta de motivación (III.), and informe del centro (IV.). Check the four boxes on the left. If for some reason your documents didn’t load properly or you’re skipping this part for now, there is a way to attach them later. I explain this at the bottom of the article.

Step 3: Choose Country and Region

Remember that you will NOT be able to edit the regions you choose once your application is Inscrita. If you’re a veteran of the program you’ll be surprised to see that Andorra is an option this year! Set Spain or Andorra as either your first (1) or second (2) preference or blank if you don’t want to go to that country. To leave it blank, don’t click on it. NOTE: By clicking on either country you will check that as a preference and cannot uncheck it. I had to close the tab I was in and restart the entire application after clicking on Andorra out of curiosity.

On the page of regions in Spain, choose one in each column and order them by preference. Remember that as a second year (first time renewal) you’re likely to get anywhere that you want in Spain!

Step 4: Complete Application and Specify City/School Preferences

This may be the trickiest part of the renewal solely because of the amount of questions and how they are worded. Here are the questions asked and how to answer them:

A. What language will you teach in? English for me!

B. Is this your first time renewing? Only answer yes if this is your first renewal (second year with the program). I accidentally checked yes even though it’s my third renewal thanks to jetlag from a 30-hour flight home. Oops! (Please give me second year special treatment, Xunta!!)

C. Is this your first, second, third, fourth, or fifth time renewing? I answered “third renewal” because this will be my fourth year with the program. (If you answered “Yes” to question B, select Primera renovación again.)

D. Do you want to stay at the same school? Pretty self-explanatory

E. Do you want to stay in the same city or region but not necessarily the same school? If you want to change province, city, or school, you will write where you want to go in part H.

F. What is your current school, city, and region?

G. Do you want to change your region? Of course answer according to the regions you chose in Step 3.

H. Add additional relevant information or personal necessities you have here. This is where you will specify exactly what school or type of school, city, or area you want to be placed in.

Step 5: Submit Application and Mail Signed PDF to Regional Coordinator

The final step is to click Inscribir solicitud to send in your application. If you do not receive an immediate email from the program stating that you are Inscrita, then you have not submitted it correctly! This is very important and if done incorrectly, could eliminate you from the program. If you return to the beginning pages of Profex and select 20##-Auxiliares de conversación extranjeros en España from the drop down, you should see your application and its status.

Click the PDF image, sign and date ONE copy of the application and mail it in. If you are renewing in the same region, mail in your application to your regional adviser in Spain. For example in Galicia, I sent my application to Santiago de Compostela. Here are all the regional contacts in Spain.

If you are renewing for a different region than you are currently teaching in, mail your application to Madrid at this address:

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Subdirección General de Promoción Exterior Educativa
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación – Cupo Comunidad
Paseo del Prado, 28, 5a planta, despacho 524
28014 MADRID

And that’s it! You’re all finished and just have to wait for your Inscrita to change to Admitida as always.

Do you still need to add your PDF documents to your application? Under Curriculum in the list on the left-hand side of the page click on Documentos anexos. There you can add anything that wasn’t attached the first time around. You won’t be able to attach the documents in the original spots (Step 2) in Profex.

Thanks for reading! If you still have questions or doubts, leave me comments below! Good luck during your next year in Spain and happy travels!


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